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***May and June 2023 Recital Newsletter***

Please read all information and keep for reference.

Dear Parents and Students,

Our photos will be taken on Friday, April 28 and Saturday, April 29.  Photo notes and information were sent home.  Please order tights and accessories as soon as possible.   Please arrive promptly for your photo.  All photos will be taken at the Quakertown Studio.  No photos may be taken on the second floor of the studio. Please put phones away out of respct for the photographer.

Our recitals will be held Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17 at the Palisades Senior High School, 35 Church Hill Rd., Kintnersville.  Please check the programs posted in each studio to see which recital(s) your child will be performing in. They will not be in the correct order. Please let us know if you do not see your child's class.   All shows and rehearsals will be held at Palisades Senior High School.


SHOW 1:                        Name:  “Music Of The Night”

                                     Date:  Friday, June 16         

                                     Curtain Time:  6:00 P.M. (Students Come At 5:30 P.M.)

SHOW 2:                        Name:  “Heroes And Villians”

                                     Date:  Saturday, June 17            

                                     Curtain Time:  10:00 A.M. (Students Come At 9:30 A.M.)

SHOW 3:                        Name:  “Fame”

                                     Date:  Saturday, June 17          

                                     Curtain Time 3:00 P.M. (Students Come At 2:30 P.M.)

Rehearsal on Thursday, June 15  will only be for the Broadstreet Entertainers.  We will hand out a seperate paper regarding rehearsal times on Thursday, June 15.  

1.      All belongings must be taken home after the rehearsal and recital.

2.   Names should be written in all costumes and shoes.

3.   No smoking is permitted on any school grounds.


     1. All students must report to the dressing room area ½ hour before show time.  

     2. No gum, jewelry, nail polish, no underwear with costumes.  Jewelry will be removed for the recital.

     3. No smoking is permitted on any of the school grounds or in the dressing areas.

     4. No food or drink is permitted in the auditorium. Concession stand is open.

     5. All students must be brought into the dressing room in full costume, with make-up on and hair done.

6. No students in costumes are allowed in the audience unless they are completely covered up.

7. No audience member may leave his or her seat while someone is performing.  Please wait until the act is over. This is to show respect for the child performing.  Thank You!

8. Your child is asked to remain for the entire show.   We ask that everyone stay until the finale so every child feels special with a full audience.  The recitals are approximately 2 ½   hours long. It is mandatory that all B.S.E. must stay until the end.

9. Following the finale, all children must be picked up in the student dressing area. There will be volunteer baby-sitters provided in the dressing area for the children.

10.     Make-up should be applied to your child: foundation, heavy blush, red lipstick (or    pink for little children), eye shadow, and mascara.  This is needed because the bright lights have a tendency to make the children look very pale.

11.     Relax and enjoy the show. Please keep in mind that all recital rules are Miss Cindy's.  Please follow them.  Please be kind and considerate to all the volunteers helping with the recitals.  They are enforcing the rules made by Miss Cindy.  This is a fun and memorable event for your child.  All the children worked hard towards this day so let's make it a day they will truly enjoy.  Thank You!

Miscellaneous Recital Information

Parents:  Anyone wishing to film their child can proceed to a designated filming area in the back right side of the auditorium.  We will have it marked off.  Please leave your assigned seat to the video area in between acts.

***Parents willing to help at recitals, please sign the sheets posted in the studios and you will be contacted.  We need parents to help in the babysitting room.  Parents who volunteer in the babysitting room for the duration of one show will be given free registration for next year.  You must sign in the day of the show.  Only those parents needed will be contacted with the times to report to the school.  We also need parents, especially the Broad Street Entertainer parents, to volunteer for ushering and to help in the concession stand. Proceeds from the concession stand benefit the rental for the auditorium, the lights and sets for the shows.

CARNATIONS can be pre-ordered using the attached order form.  They will be available for pick-up at the recitals.  The purchase of flowers helps to defray the cost of the school rental.  You will receive 3 beautiful carnations with baby's breath in a bouquet for $7.00.   Please be sure to order yours early.  

TICKET SALES:   Tickets may be ordered only by returning the attached order form.  We will not accept phone orders.  Please return order form with full payment to have your seats reserved.  Your tickets will be delivered to your class time.  No orders will be filled without full payment!  Tickets are limited and are reserved by first come first serve basis. Please be sure to order the tickets for the show your child is in.  No tickets will be refunded or resold by us.  The cost of tickets will be: Child, 11 years and under, $9.00 and Adult $16.00 (if purchased before recital day).  If there are seats remaining, door sales will be Child $10.00 and Adult $17.00.  Ticket fee is used for the rental fee of the school, janitors, lights and stage help.

All tuition, May and June,  must be paid in full before your child may participate in the recital. All tuition for the year is due by May 15.  No tickets may be ordered or photos received until tuition is paid in full.

SCHOOL CLOSING – MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND – All studios will be closed Friday , May 26,  Saturday, May 27, and Monday,  May 29 .  All Students Should Come To Their Scheduled Make-Up Class. All Classes Will Resume Tuesday,

May 30 .

Last dance class for this year will be Saturday, June 10.   Last gymnastics class for this year will be Thursday, June 8.  Any student needing to make-up classes should do so now.

BROAD STREET ENTERTAINERS AUDITION – Auditions are held once a year for the Broad Street Entertainers, our performing company.  This is a group that travels, competes, and performs in parades, cruise ships, New York, and in Wildwood.  If you are interested, are 8 years or older, at an intermediate dance level, have good showmanship, and take either jazz or tap, you qualify to audition. Please come on Saturday, JUNE 10 .

10:30-11:00 A.M.  – Jazz and tap auditions for those never in company and any new modern students wishing to be in a competitive modern class.

11:00-12:00 – Former jazz company on MON. 4:30  II, MON. 5:30 II

12:00-1:00 – Former jazz company on MON. 6:30 II, MON. 7:30  II

1:00 -1:30 – Former tap company members re-audition

Wear dance attire and be ready to work!  Location – Studio II, Broad Street, Quakertown.

All former company members must re-audition.  Dolls and dolls Elite must also re-audition.

Nutcracker  auditions will be held on Sunday May 21  from 12:00 – 2:30.  Girls ages 6 years and up who presently study ballet can audition for a chance to be a performer in the Nutcracker.  The dates for the Nutcracker Camps  are Monday, June 19 – Thursday, June 22  and Monday, August 7 - Thursday,  August 10 .  Cost is $120.00 per camp and includes all rehearsals at no extra charge.

12:00 P.M. – 12:45 – AGES 6-8        12:45 – 1:30 – AGES 9-11       1:30 – 2:30  AGES 12 AND UP Also, Pointe audition.

GOOD LUCK to the Broad Street Entertainers Dancers and Gym Teams at the competition on May 6.

The Broad Street Entertainers will be performing at Arts Alive, Quakertown on May 20 at 10:00 a.m.  Come watch them perform and show your support.

Congratulations to Emily Santai and Juliana Schell for their acceptance in the Lehigh Valley Charter Arts School.

We have attached enrollment forms for next year.  Anyone bringing a new student will receive a free registration but you must return your forms together.  Get your forms in early to be sure to get the class of your choice.

**Please check out the summer schedule for exciting classes and camps.




     5:15 – 6;00  BEG. TAP                                       5:15 – 6:00  PRE-POINTE/BEG. POINTE

     6:00 PRESCHOOL/ KINDERGARTEN                      6:00  PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN

     7:00 LEAPS AND TURNS                                     7:00  JAZZ/ HIP HOP  



      5:00 P.M. BEG. BALLET




                                            TUESDAY STUDIO III PERKASIE

                                                 5:00  PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN

                                                 6:00  TUMBLING & OPEN GYM

                                             7:00 NOVICE, INT.

PRESCHOOL CAMP – Our preschool camps are for students ages 3-6, and includes arts & crafts, dance, music, and gymnastics. The cost is $96.00 and  includes all crafts and snacks.  The PRINCESS camp will be held in Perkasie,  July 17, 18, and 19 from 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  A $50.00 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot.  If you are interested, return the form  and  deposit as soon as possible to guarantee a spot.


You will receive 3 carnations with baby's breath in a bouquet for $7.00.  All orders must be ordered and pre-paid by June 1 .

NAME: __________________________________

# OF BOUQUETS:  ________________________

CIRCLE :   SHOW 1 ,   SHOW 2,   SHOW 3

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED:  _________________




Place your orders as soon as possible in order to receive them for the recital. All orders must be turned in by May 15 with full payment. Broadstreet Entertainers ordered their recital shirt in September. They will be on display in the studios. Please make checks payable to Miss Cindy's School of Dance.

Please check size needed:

Child:                                                           Adult SA ______ @ $18.00

     X-SMALL    ______ @ $18.00                            MA ______ @ $18.00  

     SMALL      _______ @ $18.00                           LA ______  @ $18.00                    

     MEDIUM   _______  @ $18.00                             XLA ______ @ $18.00                              

     LARGE     _______  @$18.00                            XXLA ______@ $21.00               


NAME:  _____________________  CLASS/DAY/TIME/STUDIO ____________

SIZE:  ______________  AMOUNT PAID:  __________________

(only prepaid shirts will be ordered)




ADULTS $16.00    CHILD $9.00

                                                                                           CHECK                # OF ADULT        # OF CHILD

SHOW 1 June 16          @ 6:00 P.M.                            _________           ___________       __________

SHOW 2 June 17           @ 10:00 A.M.                          _________           ___________       __________

SHOW 3 June 17           @ 3:00 P.M.                            _________           ___________        __________

PRE-PAID AMOUNT ATTACHED                       $ ____________________

NAME ________________________________________________ PHONE _____________________

CLASS DAY/TIME/STUDIO (ONLY ONE) _________________________________________________

Please let us know if you need a wheelchair accessible seat.  Yes  _____  No_____