V o t e d   B e s t   D a n c e   S t u d i o !  

C e l e b r a t i n g   4 1   Y e a r s !   



1.  No chewing gum and no jewelry worn during class or performances.

2.  Hair must be worn tied up and off the face.  Ballet students must have hair in a secure bun.  Avoid hard ponytail holders for gymnastics.

3.  Any students who repeatedly disturbs class or break rules may be expelled from the school with no refund of tuition.

4.  Anyone falling behind in tuition payments will not be permitted to take private classes until tuition is paid up to date.  You will receive a note if necessary at your private class.

5.  All dance students must adhere to the dress code.  *See dress code options  attached.***



You will be notified in monthly emails about any scheduled studio closings.  Students should attend make-up classes for scheduled closings.

Note: Miss Cindy's School of Dance follows all Quakertown Scholol District snow and weather closings only. (Not in-service or holidays.)

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