V o t e d   B e s t   D a n c e   S t u d i o !  

C e l e b r a t i n g   4 0   Y e a r s !   



2019 – 2020

2019 Fall Opening Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Miss Cindy's School of Dance.  Our staff is very happy to be working with your children in their development through dance, gymnastics, modeling, and other courses offered at the studio.  Please keep the following information and school rules to refer to throughout the year.  Additional newsletters will be emailed periodically to keep you informed of upcoming studio events.  Please send your email address to www.misscindysschoolofdance.com to be included in our data base.

Classes will begin on September 9 and run through June, ending with our main recital.  WHEN THE QUAKERTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED DUE TO SNOW, (NOT INSERVICE DAYS), THEN OUR SCHOOL IS CLOSED, IN WHICH CASE THE STUDENT SHOULD COME TO HIS/HER ASSIGNED MAKE-UP CLASS (LISTED ON THE CLASS SCHEDULE FORM).  All students should arrive five minutes before their classes to prepare, so that class may start on time.  Parents, please pick up your children immediately after their class, unless they are waiting for a later class. Such students must refrain from running in and out of the studios or otherwise disturbing the class in session.

Each student will receive a tuition envelope, which may be dropped in the tuition box or placed on the desk at any studio each month.  It will be stamped and returned at the following class for you to keep as a receipt.  If it is lost, the school records will be used to show accurate payment.  Tuition rates are calculated for a 10 month school calendar.  The total tuition is divided into 10 monthly payments due one month in advance.  The total number of classes per month varies and does not affect the monthly tuition due.  Payment for September should be mailed in as soon as possible to reserve a spot in the class and must be paid by August 24 in order for your child to participate in class.  October's payment is due the first week of classes.  Anyone who wishes to pay for the full year will receive the last month of classes at ½  charge.  **SCHOOL POLICY – TUITION IS DUE ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE.  AFTER 10 DAYS, A 10% SERVICE FEE WILL BE ADDED. ** ALL TUITION MUST BE PAID BY MAY 1 .   There will be no refunds for missed classes or withdrawal from class for any reason.  Students are expected to attend their scheduled make-up classes.

If your child has any health problems or food allergies, please bring a note to the first class so the staff and I can be aware of the problem.  

Parents are only allowed to observe classes during the special visiting days.  No exceptions will be made.  These dates will be announced in monthly newsletters.

We offer dance birthday parties in both Perkasie and Quakertown studios.  Gymnastic birthday parties are only offered in our Perkasie studio.  The parties are 1 ½ hours.  Prices vary according to how many guests attend.  If you are interested, please call the studio at 215-536-6755 to reserve your date.  Dates fill up fast so call now.  A $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the date.


This year we will be holding an open house for several days at both of our studio locations.  You are welcome to visit our studios to see the classrooms and speak with the staff.  You may also use this time to try on and order dancewear from our store so your child will be ready for his/her class.  We hope you will visit with us.


Studio III & IV (Perkasie Studios)

Tuesday, August 20     from 10:00 – 1:00 & 4:00 – 8:00

Studio I & II (Quakertown Studios)

Wednesday, August 21   from 10:00 – 1:00 & 4:00 – 8:00



1.  No chewing gum and no jewelry worn during class or performances.

2.  Hair must be worn tied up and off the face.  Ballet students must have hair in a secure bun.  Avoid hard ponytail holders for gymnastics.

3.  Any students who repeatedly disturbs class or break rules may be expelled from the school with no refund of tuition.

4.  Anyone falling behind in tuition payments will not be permitted to take private classes until tuition is paid up to date.  You will receive a note if necessary at your private class.

5.  All dance students must adhere to the dress code.  *See dress code options attached.***



You will be notified in monthly emails about any scheduled studio closings.  You can also check our website for the calendar which will list all closings.  Students should attend make-up classes for scheduled closings.  Here are a few closings already scheduled.

November 27, 28, 29 & 30:  Closed for Thanksgiving holiday.  Classes resume December 2.

December 23 – Jan. 1:  Closed for Christmas, classes resume Thurs. Jan. 2nd, 2020  

April 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13: Closed for Easter Holiday. Classes resume Tuesday, April 14

May 21, 22, 23,  & 25:  Closed for Memorial Day weekend. Classes resume Tuesday, May 26  




Each student will receive a tuition envelope, which may be dropped in the tuition box found at the studios.

There are three options for payment of your year's tuition.

1.  Monthly payments may be made one month in advance.  Example:  Sept. is due with registration.  Oct. is due the week of Sept. 11 , Nov. is due 1 of Oct., etc.

2.  You may pay the full year's tuition and receive the month of June at half cost.  Calculate the amount due by multiplying your monthly tuition rate by 9.5.  The full year must be paid by August 31 to receive June at half price.  This does not include private classes.  They are paid on a monthly basis.



One class per week ..……………………………………$59.00/ month

Two classes per week ………………………………….$106.00/ month

Three classes per week ………………………………..$159.00/ month

Four classes per week ………………………………….$202.00/month

Dance Pass (Student) ………………………………     $225.00/month

*Student may take 7 classes. This does not include private classes.

Family Pass …………………………………………………….$297.00/ month

* Family members may take a maximum of 12 classes –  This does not include private classes.

Additional classes are $20.00 per month for student pass & family pass.

Parent B.S.E. Class …………………………………………..$20.00 /month

Solo …………………………………….$30.00 per half-hour (paid monthly)

Duo …………………………………..…$25.00 per half-hour (paid monthly)

Trio ……………………………….…….$24.00 per half-hour (paid monthly)




One-year insurance fee (age 6 and under) …………. $36.00

One–year insurance fee (age 7 - 12) ……………….…. $44.00

One–year insurance fee (age 13 & UP) ………………. $55.00




It is very difficult to teach students when they are not dressed properly and are wearing different styles, colors, and fit of clothing.  For teachers, a dress code helps reveal how well their students are implementing the technical aspects of dance being taught, especially ballet.  Body alignment, stretched feet, and extended knees cannot be seen when they are draped in baggy sweats.  We also have found that the children are ready to learn and dance when they are dressed properly.  Preschool and Kindergarten students cannot concentrate when they are pulling on sparkles, tutus, or sequins on their leotards.  It also becomes dangerous for the classes following them, because the floor does become slippery from the glitter and sequins.

Below is a list, along with prices of options for each dress code.  Each option is listed as a package and priced accordingly.  You may use the supply order form to place your order.  Write the option code on the order form, but fill out the information for each item in the option, including item name, size and color.  List the option price.  Turn your order in immediately so the items will arrive for the student's first class.

If you have any questions, please contact the studio office.


Option A:  Cost $47.00                                        

Nylon Short sleeve pink Leotard                        

Pink Tights                                                            

Pink Ballet Slippers                                             


Option B:  Cost $59.00

Nylon Short sleeve pink Leotard

Pink Tights

Pink Ballet Slippers

Pink Skirt

Option C:   Cost $66.00

Adjustable Strap Camisole Leotard

Pink Tights

Pink Ballet Slippers

Pink Skirt

Jazz Classes                                                                                  Tap Classes (non Company)

Option A:  Cost Child $62.00 or Adult $65.00                              Option A:  Cost Child $53.00 or Adult $56.00                                               

Black/ colored Short sleeve Leotard                                             Black/ colored Short sleeve Leotard

Tan Tights                                                                                      Tan Tights

Tan Slip Ons                                                                                   Black Intro Tap Shoes

Option B:  Cost Child $83.00 or Adult $87.00                              Option B:  Cost Child $73.00 or Adult $76.00

Black/ Colored Cami Leotard                                                        Black/Colored Cami Leotard

Tan Tights                                                                                       Tan Tights

Long Black Jazz pants                                                                   Black Shorts

Tan Slip Ons                                                                       Black Intro Tap Shoes

Option C:  Cost Child $82.00 or Adult $85.00                              Company Tap add $29.00

Tan Tights                                                                                       

Black Shorts                                                                                    

Tan Slip Ons                                                                                    

All Ballet Classes                                                                                 Gymnastics

Option A:  Cost Child $46.00 or Adult $50.00                                       Girls:  Gymnastic leotard must be worn.

Nylon Short sleeve black Leotard                                                          Several varieties are available at our

Pink Tights                                                                                               store.  Gym shorts may be worn.

Pink Ballet Slippers                                                                                 Please visit our store to see the                 

                                                                                                                   variety of shorts and gym leos.

                                                                                                                  Absolutely no long pants may be worn

Option B:  Cost Child $59.00 or Adult $63.00                                           during gym.

Nylon Short sleeve Black Leotard                                                             Boys:     Gym T-shirts and shorts    

Pink Tights                                                                                               

Pink Ballet Slippers                                                                                                    

Black Wrap Skirt (adult)

Black Pull on Skirt (child)

Option C:  Cost Child $66.00 or Adult $70.00                                

Black Camisole Leotard                                                         

Pink Tights                                                                                       

Pink Ballet Slippers                                                                          

Black Wrap Skirt (adult)                                                                      

Black Pull on Skirt (child)                                                                 

We have a variety of leotards, shorts, and shirts available.  Please be sure to visit our studio and store  

during the open house to see all the exciting new dance and gym apparel.