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Quakertown Halloween Parade

Sunday Afternoon, October 16       

Rain date: October 23


The monthly newsletter will be emailed to each student starting in November. Please go to our website on the front page and subscribe to our mailing list.  We must have your current email address so you will receive important information regarding the studio. Please be sure your tuition is up to date.  October tuition was due by September 12.

We are very excited that there will finally be a parade.  Marchers will meet at 1:15 p.m., riders will meet at 1:30 p.m., and the parade will begin at 2:00 p.m.  Our exact meeting location will be sent by email the week of the parade.   Call the studio at 215-536-6755 if you do not see the email.  Please pick up your child at Studio I, 243 West Broad Street, Quakertown immediately after the group passes the judge's stand located in Center Square on Broad Street.  Please be prompt.  Do not wait till the parade ends to pick up your child.  The younger children get upset if they do not see you when other parents are there.  We will have a treat for the children in the parade.  If the parade is cancelled due to rain, a parade cancellation message will be on the Studio answering machine.  Please call 215-536-6755.  

Anyone 5 and under must ride on the float.  Please bring a blanket for your preschool child to sit on.  Children may not be removed from the float during the parade.  You must wait till the float comes to a complete stop before children can be removed.  This is extremely important and for your child's safety.  The parade is not mandatory, except for company members, but the children seem to enjoy this event.  No child under the age of 3 may participate.  Also if your child is frightened of Halloween, she/he should NOT participate. There could be scary things along the route.

Needed for the parade:  We need full size pickup trucks or a flat bed trailer and truck to be in the parade. Volunteer parents are needed to ride on the truck or to walk the parade route. Parent Volunteers must watch all children on the truck. There will be sign up sheets posted in each studio.  We will contact those parents who signed up first to ride.  If others are helping, they must walk. Parents are asked to wear a light pink sweatshirt or T-shirt or the parade shirt regardless if they are walking or riding. Thank you in advance for all your parade help.

Parade is mandatory for all company members.

Mandatory Parade Costumes for all Students Listed Below:

All children riding the float: Black pants with PARADE T-shirt purchased from the studio or your own light pink shirt with no writing on it.  Hair in a ponytail.  Bring blankets to sit on for the truck.

All walkers and gymnasts:  Black pants or leggings, with parade T-shirt purchased from the studio with Miss Cindy's logo.  You may wear a black turtleneck under the t-shirt if it is cold.  Wear any color sneakers and black socks.  Hair in ponytail.

All Broadstreet Entertainers, boys and girls  and team gymnasts: Black pants (no capris) with parade t-shirt with Miss Cindy's logo on it. See sample at any studio.  Please return B.S.E. t-shirt order form, payment, and rules as soon as possible (unless you have already).   Do not place another t-shirt order if you have turned in your B.S.E. form.  Wear sneakers with black socks, company makeup, earrings and hair in a ponytail.  

*All students may wear a black turtleneck under their outfits if it is a cold day.

Deadline for ordering t-shirts is Oct. 1 .  Please use attached form.  We cannot guarantee the delivery of any shirt ordered after Oct. 1.

Openings for classes at our studio include:

Tot Dance Class Monday 9:30 IV Perkasie

Preschool class – Monday 10:00 IV,  Tuesday 10:00 I

Kindergarten Class – Saturday 11:00 I Quakertown

Jazz/Hip-Hop Class  Older Jazz – Monday 5:00 III Perkasie

                                                       Wednesday 7:15 I Quakertown

Beg. Tap – Thursday 6:00 I Quakertown  Wed. 5:00 IV Perkasie

Adult Tap – Mon. 7 IV Perkasie

Gymnastics – Preschool Gym – Monday 11:00 III   Perkasie

“Dance Brings Us Together”

Halloween Parade T-shirt order form

Parade t-shirt - All  walkers, boys & girls, $18.00 each

Youth X-Small _______                     Adult Small ________________

Youth Small  _________                    Adult Medium_______________     


Youth Medium   _______                   Adult Large    _______________                                                         


Youth Large  _________                    Adult X-Large _______________  

                                                               ( $2.00 extra)                                                                           


All orders must be paid in full & returned by Oct. 1  

Make checks payable to Miss Cindy's School of Dance.

*****Do not order a shirt if you are in B.S.E. *****

Name:  ___________________________________________

Class day/time/Studio: _______________________

Quantity: ________   Amount paid:  ______________________________